Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One Click Open on MacOSX vs Rename

I had memory problems recently and went on an optimize crusade to limit RAM and overhead. Didn't change much but I noticed the next morning that clicking on anything immediately opened the file, launching a bunch of Preview, Gimp, LightRoom ... What a mess!

Who said there is no Single click open on MacOS?  

I traced the problem to the double-click speed settings in Accessibility. If you set the Double-Click speed to slow, two consecutive clicks will launch Open instead of Rename.

NOte that you can also use Enter to rename after highlight. I prefer click to rename, double click to launch.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mavericks is here and it is FREE!

The new MacOsX Mavericks is free! It is a Huge 5.31 GB download.

 Usually when there is an OS upgrade I always keep a backup in case I want to create a bootable standalone DVD or USB. You have to save before running the install!

Go to your Application  folder and backup  Install OS X Mavericks.app 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Two solutions for MacOSX "The operation can’t be completed because the item is in use."

I get that error quite often and quickly discovered a "fix" to empty the trash anyway.
The only problem is that I want to understand who is using this file and why it is still using it when there is no apparent task running.

You try to empty your trash, you get an error
"The operation can’t be completed because the item XYZ  is in use."

You check with Command-Tab and there s nothing running except Finder. Who the hell is using this file?

Here comes the dreaded Terminal. Don't be scared it is just another way to control your computer, if you are careful there is no problem.
  1. Open Terminal (you can type "Terminal" in SpotLight (Top right magnifier)
  2. Type
     lsof | grep   Don't type Enter yet
      lsof  is a command that lists open files 
  1. Try to empty the trash again and copy the filename (-C) from the error message
  2. Return to Terminal and paste the name of the file using -V (Command-V)
  3. If the filename contains spaces and special characters enclose in quotes as below

    lsof | grep "file that cant be deleted.png"   <enter>
  4. You should see something like this:
MyMac:~ guest $ lsof | grep "Screen shot 12.30.28 PM.png"
Mail 63367 guest ... /Users/guest/.Trash/Screen shot 12.30.28 PM.png

See?  Mail is using the file, that's why I can't delete it. In your case it could be any other application. The name of the application is first on the line.

Now that you know the app that keeps your file opened you can do one of three things:
  • You need the file and will have to put it back where it belongs
  • You can Close the app using it.
  • You don't need the file and want to delete it anyway! Force delete.
Force Delete 

Careful this one is no return.

  • Command Right click on your trash
  • Select Secure Empty Trash

This should do it. If it doesn't work it is generally caused by Sharing and Permissions on the file

Change Sharing and Permissions on a file

Sometimes, when copying files from external drives, removable USB sticks etc, files are copied with strange permissions, often they are Read-Only or you are not the owner.

To see who owns that file and what permission you have, select the file in the trash or finder
Command-I  or Right Click > Get Info
At the bottom in the Sharing & Permissions you see who owns the file and which rights you have

To delete a file you should have Read-Write privileges

  • Unlock the file by clicking on the small closed padlock and entering your password
  • Change the file privilege to Read-Write if Read-Only
  • If your name is not there add your user name by clicking on + and a selecting your name, then select read write
  • Now you should be able to delete the file
Other method (Apple recommended but long)

Using DiskAid and Repair permissions you can fix most of permission issues. This should be done once a month if you move a lot of files to and from external USB drives. 

Check the Apple support document: Troubleshooting permissions issues in Mac OS X 


PS: When you run command in Terminal  Control-C will terminate the command and return to the prompt. Don't forget to close Terminal after using it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't touch my right click!

I am fuming! What I hate the most is the modifications of my settings by any apps without giving me a choice.

I installed Twitter.app from ... twitter a few days ago, didn't notice anything.

Today while working in XCode I suddenly see that my right-click menu last two lines are modified.

Tweet? Open as Twitter Username?

Hey twitter devs are you mad or what? Can't you warn me that you modified my right click menu?

Anything added to a user environment should be presented to the user before addition. Right click is an important GUI menu and should NEVER be modified without telling us.

In any case, to turn off that crap go to
Settings > Keyboard > Services and uncheck the twit lines.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cocos2D DocSet integration in XCode4

If you use XCode4 and follow the Cocos2D instructions on how to integrate Cocos2D in XCode you end up with ... nothing visble. Cocos2D doc was not installed in XCode4 DocSets library.

Using XCode4.2 (yeah it is a Beta) the build scripts output showed that the docset was copied from a temp location to it's final location in the user space (the ~ means HOME):

mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets
cp -R com.sapusmedia.Cocos2d.docset ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets

from the makefile lines:


cp Nodes.xml $(DOCSET_RESOURCES)

with DESTDIR=~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets

After a quick look at where the DocSets were placed in XCode4 preferences I decided to copy the docset to  /Library/Developer/Documentation/DocSets and now it worked.

So, Recipe:
After you build the doc (had one error but docset was there)

You should find the docset as :  com.sapusmedia.Cocos2d.docset
You should now see this more or less depending on which IOS libraries you downloaded, but Cocos2D should be here:

  • Restart XCode 
  • Open Help > Documentation and API Ref
  • Click on Doc Sets in the left column and verify that you have coco2d for iPhone installed
  • Check the cocs2d docset
  • Type a search, example ccsprite
  • You should see the cocos2d Doc as below
Add a check to the Cocos2D for iPhone docset and you can now search coco2d command directly from inside XCode4 (point 2)

Hope it works for you if not message me.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Video Capture on MACOSX

A year ago, we had to create a few videos for our apps and couldn't find a simple way to do it on our Mac. All solutions were expensive and complicated.

Just at this time we posted a bug on Radar, the Apple Bug system, and got a surprising answer from Apple Engineering. They couldn't reproduce the bug and asked us to record a Video of what we were doing using the new QuickTime version. They gave us a link to upgrade QuickTime to a beta version (at the time) and instructions to do the recording.

In short:
  • Open QuickTime
  • File > New Screen Recording
  • A small window pops up with a red "Record" button
  • You can select options with the down arrow on the right
  • Before doing your recording it is better to remove any desktop background and use a solid color.
  • You then click on the red button and confirm by "Start Recording

  • Start your presentation.
  • Stop the recording by click on Stop recording in top bar or Command-Ctrl-Esc
You can then import the video in iMovie, trim to show only the window or part of the screen, add a commentary, titles etc and finally export to the format you need. 

iMovie will help you select the correct one in a table. We found that the best options were not the YouTube but the HD version. iMovie provides tools to crop the video but it will keep a specific ratio depending on the video size you selected and you should plan this before recording. For example recording an iPad demo or an iPhone demo is not the same.

There are other free video capture tools like CaptureMe and Copernicus but they didn't work for me. The hanged in vode mode in Leopard/Lion and seemed designed for old MacOS versions.

And BTW you can grab pictures of the screen using ⌘ 3 and ⌘ 4 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Graphics Apps for Mac

We checked and tested many graphic applications in the last three weeks.

Many MacOS apps available. You can go from the child level drawing app to the 3D level app and find many free apps.

The top level paid applications are always the same:
  • 3D Max                   Expensive, complete.
  • Autodesk Maya        Never used. But I know it is good
  • Toon Boom             Another expensive toy.
  • Adobe Flash            Excellent for 2D animation check here
Low cost, Free
  • GIMP - The one I love to hate. Very good, some limitations and troubling things like the need to double click all the time to select something. Complicated but complete.
  • Pixen - Not bad for a free open source tool. You can do basic animation with it too.
2D Animation
  • Creatoon (Windows only which is a bit sad) Full version is now free by running the provided unlock file. Great software for cut-out-animation. Similar to Toon Boom with auto animation between keyframes, sound etc... Very very nice. Outputs a series of PNG, JPGs or an AVI, couldn't add the sound however to the video output.
  • Pencil Traditional animation using drawings. You need a Tablet
  • STYKZ - Animated stick figure. Hilarious, you have to see the YouTube videos by XiaoXiao!
  • Blender                 Definitely one of the best free 3D animation
  • DAZ Studio          Not bad either
  • Art of Illusion        A bit strange, simple interface not bad for a free app.
Web Animation
  • http://www.spritely.net/  interesting
Watch out for those:

I refuse to test or install applications that try to modify my private settings, ask for keychain access, do not work completely, need gigabytes of libraries, python, ruby and other extras, are not at least 30 days or crash at each run.

I also refuse to test apps asking me to fill up a multipage document asking too many questions, address, phone number and the name of my ancestors just to download a demo version.

I refuse to give my credit card to get a demo version, with promise that if I don't like the product I will not be charged. Means I have to take a positive action to not be charge and if I forget I am screwed. This should be illegal. 

Anyway I didn't test the apps below because of this. They could be good they could be bad I don't care. I am ready to pay for software, but if you tell me download a demo, it should be a demo, not a crippled version, or something that will ask me every five second to buy the product, and never ask for my credit card for a demo. 
  • Anime Studio  They say download a demo, but want your credit card number. I hate that? It's either a free demo or not. If it is a free demo, YOU DON't need my credit card! Anyway didn't test that one. At 50$ it is not terribly expensive but I will stick to Blender.
  • iStopMotion  Ridicule five (5) days demo version. What can you do in 5 days. Just installed and removed in one day.